University Committee on Admissions

The University Committee on Admissions is on hiatus this year. Contact for more information.


a) Cooperate with the Vice President for Enrollment and the Faculty Senate in formulating admissions policies for recommendation to the President of the university.

b) Cooperate with and advise the Office of Admissions in reviewing recruitment strategies with regard to the kind of students we are seeking to attract and the evaluation criteria used in determining offers of admission.

c) Provide oversight, as appropriate, to the Office of Admissions in order to ensure that all admitted students are academically prepared for Rice. This includes review of the Office of Admissions' recommendations for admission of students recruited for athletics.

d) In conjunction with the Office of Admissions, report to Faculty Senate during the Fall semester on the general admissions process and results with regard to the new freshman class and transfers.

e) Request information from the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and other relevant offices (Registrar, Dean of Undergraduates), as appropriate, on the academic success of our students. Consult with the Vice President for Enrollment on how this information may be used to inform and improve our admissions process and policies.

f) Initiate the study of issues that may be of interest or concern to the general faculty regarding admissions procedures or policies. These issues may arise from the committee's work or be brought to its attention by Faculty Senate.

g) Recommend appropriate ways to increase faculty involvement in recruitment.

h) Prepare a brief, written report on the year's activities of the committee at the end of each academic year and submit copies of this report to the president of the university, the provost, and the Faculty Senate.

Updated August 13, 2021