University Committee on Teaching


The Committee on Teaching has as its general charge:

To propose and review procedures to enhance the quality of teaching at the university. This general task includes the following specific functions:

(a) To advocate the importance of teaching effectiveness for considerations of reappointments, promotion, and tenure.

(b) To work with the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE), Office of Faculty Development (Provost's Office), the Dean of Undergraduates, and the Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies to identify, recommend, and review the effectiveness of incentives and opportunities for faculty to improve teaching.

(c) To recommend and nominate, or to encourage nominations of, deserving Rice faculty members for teaching awards given outside the campus, such as statewide or national awards, supported by resources of the CTE in this endeavor.

(d) To administer the procedure for determining the winners of the Brown Teaching Awards.

(e) To administer the solicitation and review of proposals for grant support to faculty for innovative teaching projects under the Brown Foundation grant and make recommendations for funding to the Provost’s Office; to coordinate with the CTE in publicizing results from the Brown Grants.

(f) To review periodically the procedures for student evaluation of teaching administered by the Registrar's Office, supported by CTE and IT resources in this endeavor.

(g) To review and support digital education initiatives including on-line courses offered for Rice and non-Rice students and their connection to improving teaching effectiveness at Rice.

(h) To propose recommended revisions to this charge at the end of the year.

(i) To prepare a brief, written report on the activities of the committee at the end of each academic year and to submit copies of this report to the president of the university, the provost, and the Faculty Senate.

2020-2021 Membership

Name School/Dept
Frank Geurts, Chair Department of Physics and Astronomy
Natasha Bowdoin Department of Visual and Dramatic Arts
Walter Chapman Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Simon Fischer-Baum Department of Psychological Sciences
Clark Haptonstall Department of Sports Management
Laura Kabiri Department of Kinesiology
Alexadra Kieffer Shepherd School of Music
Kristi Kincaid Department of Chemistry
Phil Kortum Department of Psychological Sciences
Helade Scutti Santos Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication
Ray Simar Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Faculty Senate representative
Illinca Stanciulescu Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Stephen Wang Department of Mathematics
Bruce Weisman Department of Chemistry
Robin Paige, non-voting liaison Center for Teaching Excellence
Brian Gibson, non-voting liaison Director of Academic Advising
Justin Schilke, non-voting liaison Office of the Registrar
Tawfik Jarjour Alumni representative
Aadith Vittala Undergraduate representative
Lisa Lin Undergraduate representative
Jordin Metz Graduate student representative
Joseph Young Graduate student representative

Updated August 6, 2020