University Committee on Research


(a) To serve as the primary committee for faculty to inform the administration of any problems and opportunities, including suggested policy changes, that relate to the ability of the faculty to engage in research and other scholarly activities

(b) To initiate studies of various aspects of research and other scholarly activities with the intent of improving the climate for these activities at the University and articulating faculty vision on research issues.

(c) To become familiar with the functions of the Office of Research and provide feedback to the Vice Provost of Research when requested.

(d) To assist the Faculty Senate by investigating issues brought to it relating to research.

(e) To provide feedback to the Research Administration Advisory Group when the opinions of a broad representation of faculty on research-related issues are needed.

(f) To prepare a brief, written report of the Committee’s activities at the end of each academic year and to submit copies of this report to the President of the University, Vice Provost of Research, Provost and the Faculty Senate.

2021-2022 Membership

Name School/Dept
László Kürti, Chair Chemistry
Jonathan Ajo-Franklin Earth, Environmental, & Planetary Sciences
Juan Jose Castellon Architecture
Pat DeLucia Psychological Sciences
Elaine Ecklund Sociology
Balaji Koka Business
Moramay López-Alonso History
John Mellor-Crummey Computer Science
Andriy Nevidomskyy Physics & Astronomy
Matteo Pasquali Chemical & Biomolecural Engineering
Eduardo Salas Psychological Sciences
Jane Tao BioSciences
Ashok Veeraraghavan Electrical & Computer Engineering
Omid Veiseh BioEngineering
Han Xiao Chemistry
Colin Zelt Earth, Environmental, & Planetary Sciences; Faculty Senate representative
William Turner ex officio, Assistant Vice-Provost for Research
Chris Mize ex officio, Environmental Health and Safety Office
Kiran Muralidhar Kulkarni non-voting graduate student representative
Rama Aravinda Swamy Reddi non-voting graduate student representative

Updated September 15, 2021