Faculty Advisory Board for the Program for Writing and Communication (FAB-PWC)


The Faculty Advisory Board (FAB) will have an ongoing advisory role in all aspects of the Program for Writing and Communication (PWC). While final programmatic decisions will rest with the PWC Director, the FAB will meet with the director at least twice a year, and additionally as necessary, to provide support and consultation about the program. These meetings would be aimed at identifying program elements that are working well and areas that need improvement. A major meeting should be organized at the end of each academic year, at which time the FAB and the PWC Director would work together to arrive at an agenda of programmatic changes needed for the following academic year. This agenda would be presented to the provost at an annual meeting. We propose that in addition to the FAB and the PWC Director, the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs also attend this meeting.

The director will consult with the FAB with regard to all three components of the program: the FWS, the Center, and, as discussions unfold, Communication in the Disciplines. Some areas in which the director and the FAB will collaborate will include:

  • identification and recruitment of current faculty as teachers of FWS
  • ensuring appropriate distribution coverage of FWS across the university
  • hiring of NTT faculty to staff remaining FWS courses and the Center
  • identification of budgeting and staffing needs
  • assessment of all aspects of the program
  • while the Director and the FAB will have some oversight over whether proposed courses meet the FWS guidelines, the idea, at least in the first years of the program, is to be as inclusive as possible.

The chair of the FAB will prepare a brief, written report on the activities of the committee at the end of each academic year and will submit copies of this report to the president of the university, the provost, and the Faculty Senate.

2022-2023 Membership

Name School/Dept
Ashley Leeds, chair Political Science
Lisa Balabanlilar History
Anthony Brandt Music
Tony Brown Sociology
Dan Cohan Civil & Environmental Engineering
Peter Hartley Economics
Janet Moore Business
Dereth Phillips BioSciences
Bridget Gorman (or designee), non-voting liaison Dean of Undergraduates
Seiichi Matsuda (or designee), non-voting liaison Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
Jennifer Wilson, non-voting liaison Director, Program in Writing and Communication

Updated August 3, 2022