Faculty Senate Working Group on Pass/Fail


Charge: The working group will examine the purpose(s) of allowing students the option to take courses pass/fail and consider whether the specific policies regarding the implementation of the pass/fail option sufficiently meet the purpose(s).  The working group will also examine how these policies affect the learning environment when students utilize the pass/fail option.  The working group will recommend modifications to relevant policies or procedures needed to better implement the pass/fail option.


  • Scott Solomon - Chair (Natural Sciences, Senator, NTT)
  • Matthias Henze (Humanities)
  • Chris Jermain (Engineering)
  • Troy Schaum (Architecture)
  • Steve Zeff (Jones School)
  • Sanat Mehta (SA student representative)
  • Bridget Gorman (Dean of Undergraduates, Social Sciences)
  • Emilia Morosan (Natural Sciences, Senator)
  • Ellen Everett (Office of the Registrar)

The final report from the working group is available on the faculty wiki.