Faculty Senate Working Group on General Education


Rice University is committed to providing a broad, liberal education to its undergraduate students while maintaining the highest standards and depth of learning within the disciplines of the degrees offered. The working group will examine general education requirements for undergraduate students at Rice University and examine how the general education degree requirements ensure that students receive a broad education while pursuing in depth learning in their chosen field(s). As part of its efforts, the working group will examine how peer institutions achieve this goal. The working group will prepare a report and develop recommendations, as needed, on general education degree requirements that enable a broad educational experience for Rice undergraduates.

The final report and the approved recommendations are available to download. The report was presented and discussed at the September 1, 2021, September 29, 2021, October 27, 2021, and December 1, 2021 meetings.


Name School
Doug Schuler, chair Business
David Tenney Registrar
Sarah Ellenzweig Humanities
Lora Wildenthal Humanities
Scott Colman Architecture
Anthony Brandt Music
Kathleen Beckingham Natural Sciences
Mike Wolf Natural Sciences
Rafael Verduzco Engineering
Sandy Parsons Social Sciences
Ric Stoll Social Sciences
Zubaidat Agboola Undergraduate