Faculty Senate Working Group on Advising


Charge: Assess the current state of undergraduate advising and offer recommendations for suggested changes or improvements.

The Working Group will examine advising for all undergraduates, including first and second year advising through divisional advisors and the Office of Academic Advising, major advising at the departmental level, and advising policies and procedures in the schools. It will also benchmark other institutions that may be succeeding in ways that will also enable Rice students to flourish at and beyond Rice.

The Working Group will take into account the goals of student advising at Rice: to get reliable advice on curricular programs; to establish positive and engaged relationships with faculty; to obtain mentorship that leads to wise career and personal/professional development choices; to achieve balance in pursuing the available extracurricular opportunities at Rice.


  • Chair: Leslie Schwindt-Bayer (Professor, Political Science; Divisional advisor)
  • Lisa Balabanlilar (Associate Professor, History; Divisional Advisor)
  • Beth Beason-Abmayr (Teaching Professor, Biochemistry and Cell Biology; Major Advisor)
  • Keith Cooper (Professor, Computational Engineering)
  • Bridget Gorman (Professor, Sociology; Magister)
  • Chris Johns-Krull (Professor, Physics and Astronomy; Divisional Advisor/Major Advisor)
  • Lida Oukaderova (Assistant Professor, Art History; Major Advisor)
  • Renata Ramos (Lecturer, Bioengineering; Director of Bioengineering Undergrad Studies)
  • Carissa Zimmerman (Lecturer, Psychology; Divisional Advisor/Major Advisor)
  • Aliya Bhimani (Director of Academic Advising)
  • Arnaud Chevallier (Associate Vice Provost for Academic Affairs)
  • Brian Gibson (Associate Dean of Undergraduates)
  • Rohan Palanki (Student Association representative)
  • Revathi Ravella (Student Association representative)

Read the final report and recommendations on the faculty wiki, available with Net ID login.