Faculty Senate Working Group on the Academic Calendar (2019)


Charge: The working group will examine the difference in the number of days of instruction between the Fall and Spring semesters in the currently utilized academic calendar formulation and consider whether this difference poses a problem.  If the difference in the number of days of instruction is deemed to be a significant problem, the working group will recommend modifications to the academic calendar formulation. The working group is free to consider all aspects of the academic calendar including the start and end dates of each semester, the number of reading and exam days, and the number of academic holidays within each semester.


  • Gwen Bradford, Philosophy, Senate
  • John Casbarian, Architecture
  • Anna Clyburn, Undergrad reresentative, Martel Senator
  • Brian Gibson, Kinesiology, Senior Associate Dean of Undergraduates
  • Julie Griswold, Academic Advising for Athletics
  • Chris Johns-Krull, Chair, Physics & Astronomy, Senate
  • Dave Messmer, NTT, Lecturer and Associate Director FWIS Program, Senate
  • Bart Sinclar, School of Engineering, Senior Associate Dean of Engineering
  • Kurt Stallmann, Shepherd School
  • David Tenney, Registrar

Read the report from the working group.