Working Group on Faculty Senate Governance (2010-2011)


After five years of existence and striving to provide the best possible governance, the Rice University Faculty Senate would like to reflect on its past experience, future directions, and what changes in form and function would help us to better serve the faculty we represent. The Speaker of the Senate charges a Working Group on Senate Governance to consider both the achievements and the challenges we have faced as the Senate over the past five years, and to provide to the larger Senate, at the conclusion of its deliberations, recommendations it might have for future changes.


Chair: Tom Killian

Carl Caldwell
John Casbarian
Rebekah Drezek
Deborah Harter
Melissa Kean
Matteo Pasquali
Randy Stevenson

The full report from the working group is on the faculty wiki, which requires login with NetID. The discussion of the report is recorded in the September 15, 2010 Faculty Senate meeting minutes.