Faculty Senate Working Group on Lab Safety (2013)

The working group charge is to assess the state of research laboratory safety across campus, to propose a new organizational structure that fosters and maintains a culture and practice of lab safety, and to issue recommendations to improve the process for safety training, oversight and compliance.


  • Mike Wong, Chair
  • Beth Beason-Abmayr (Biochemistry and Cell Biology)
  • Raj Dasgupta (Earth Science)
  • Tom Killian (Physics and Astronomy)
  •  Kevin Kelly (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
  • Qilin Li (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
  •  Kevin Kirby, ex officio
  • Vicki Colvin, ex officio
  • Jane Grande-Allen (Deputy Speaker; Bioengineering)
  • Carl Caldwell (Speaker)

Read the report and recommendations from the working group.