Working Group on Admissions (2009)



In the Fall of 2007 the Rice Faculty Senate determined that current admissions structures at Rice, while effective, no longer provide for regular input from the faculty with regard to goals and priorities in the selection of students.  It would be ideal if the Senate Task Force on Admissions could

  • Discuss current process and consider whether there are not ways in which such faculty input could be provided, either now (on a one-time basis) or in regular fashion.
  • Work with Dale Sawyer (a member of the task force) to consider how the university Committee on Admissions could figure in this process in future, and how it might need to be restructured in order best to serve this purpose.
  • Provide a brief statement of goals for the Senate to approve that could function as a set of guiding faculty recommendations to the Administration and the Office of Admissions as Rice goes forward with the growing of its Undergraduate body.


  • Meredith Skura, chair
  • Ben Kamins
  • Dale Sawyer
  • Tom Killian

The final report from the working group is confidential. Contact for more information. The group presented their work to the Faculty Senate on February 18, 2009 and those minutes can be read on the senate website.