Honor Council Working Group (2009)

Charge: The Honor Council has been an exceedingly important institution at Rice over the years, but there are growing indications it may be suffering. Increased numbers of violations may be overtaxing the students who serve on the Council and reflect changes in technological support available to students as they pursue their work. This overload leads to some violations being handled informally by individual faculty in order to avoid delays. Finally, there needs to be some effort to render more coherent the Council's approaches to undergraduate infractions on the one hand and graduate infractions on the other.

The Senate Working Group on the Honor Council will review these and other issues as it evaluates the current state of the institution, noting both its challenges these days and all those things that are going well. With the help of several students from the Honor Council itself, the working group will strive to put together a set of recommendations for the Senate to consider, outlining ways in which the faculty and Rice University might provide strategic support--whether material or otherwise--so that the Honor Council can continue to function effectively.


  • Evan Siemann, chair
  • Ed Cox
  • Michael Emerson
  • John Hempel
  • Tom Killian
  • Duane Windsor
  • Jackie Ammons
  • Hilary Baker-Jennings
  • Spencer Crouch
  • Mike Nelson
  • Cyndi Wilson

The working group's report and recommendations were discussed at the September 9, 2009 Faculty Senate meeting. The meeting minutes are available to read online. To view the formal report, please contact senate@rice.edu.