Faculty Senate Working Group on NTT-Faculty (2012-2013)


Charge: Develop a prioritized list of the most important issues concerning the future of NTT faculty at Rice, the rationale behind the ranking of items, and recommendations. Relevant issues may include NTT job titles, opportunities for promotion, range of responsibilities, employment security, and/or equitable compensation. Since these issues may require extensive work and research, and may therefore require a different kind of committee (e.g. with Human Resources representatives), the list is preliminary to formation of an expanded working group or committee.


  • Beth Beason-Abmayr, Lecturer, Natural Sciences, 15 yrs
  • Rachel Buchman, Lecturer, Shepherd School, 11 yrs
  • Dave Caprette (Chair), Professor in the Practice, Natural Sciences, 26 yrs
  • Scott Cutler, Professor in the Practice, Engineering, 12 yrs
  • Jeanne Fischer, Artist Teacher of Piano, Shepherd School, 21 yrs
  • Kim Kimmey, Lecturer, Jones School, 5 yrs
  • Jonathan Ludwig, Senior Lecturer, Humanities, 10 yrs
  • Beverly Mitchell, Lecturer, Social Sciences, 5 yrs
  • Ann Saterbak, Professor in the Practice, Engineering, 14 yrs
  • Stanislav Sazykin, Senior Faculty Fellow, Natural Sciences, representing NTT-research, 13 yrs

Read the final report from the working group.