Creating Undergraduate Concentrations

Approved April, 2018
A major concentration is a focused area of study that may be offered within a department's degree program and has specific learning objectives additional to those for the major. A concentration is noted on transcripts but does not appear on diplomas.
A major concentration is distinct from a specialization, which is a component of a degree program reflective of a department’s strength in a particular area, but the courses within the specialization do not entail specific learning objectives that are distinct within the major.
Specializations do not appear on transcripts or diplomas.
Proposals for a new major concentration should address the following:

  1. Rationale for the concentration. Is it a recognized and well-established sub-field of the major?
  2. Describe the curriculum and course requirements; include descriptions of new courses. Include the text for the major concentration as it will appear in the General Announcements within the context of the major.
  3. Identify the current faculty at each academic rank who will regularly offer courses in the major concentration.
  4. Indicate how the concentration will be administered, monitored, and reviewed once implemented.
  5. The proposal must include as an attachment supporting letters from chair(s) of participating departments/programs indicating that:
    1. The proposed concentration has been reviewed and received faculty approval through appropriate governance procedures
    2. Resources to support the new program, as presented in the proposal, are available without impacting other courses and programs
  6. In addition, it must include (1) a description of student learning outcomes; (2) a curriculum map that relates the components of the proposed program to the specified student learning outcomes; and (3) an assessment plan for measuring the success and effectiveness of the major concentration after implementation. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness is charged with assisting proposers with the development of these elements