Faculty Senate Working Group on Coalition of Intercollegiate Athletics



To consider the invitation to join the COIA, and to provide a recommendation to the Senate. As part of its investigation, the working group should

  •  investigate further what the COIA is: which of Rice's peer institutions are represented in the group, how they are represented, what work the group has done to date, and how effective that work has been;
  •  consult with Faculty Senate constituencies as well as other potentially affected parties (including, but not limited to, President, Athletics Director, and Faculty Athletics Representative) regarding any relevant issues
  • evaluate the amount of ongoing work and commitment required of the Faculty Senate to engage in COIA, if Rice were to participate;
  •  provide a list of advantages and disadvantages related to joining the COIA, along with its own recommendation.
  • The working group is expected to submit its report by February 1, 2014.


  • Leo Costello
  • Rob Griffin
  • Helena Michie

Read the final report and recommendations on the faculty wiki page, available with NetID login.