2023 Faculty Senate Non-Tenure Track Working Group 



The Non-Tenure Track Working Group, a working group formed by the Faculty Senate of Rice University in 2012, recommended to the Faculty Senate that the University 1) define career paths for NTT faculty and provide for improved employment security; 2) review how policies are applied towards NTT faculty; and 3) collect data on NTT faculty. These recommendations were unanimously endorsed by Faculty Senate in April 2013.

The Faculty Senate charges the NTT Working Group of 2023 to revisit the recommendations endorsed in 2013 and to present a report to Faculty Senate and to the Provost that:

  • reassesses the current status of non-tenure-track faculty at Rice in light of efforts taken to act on the working group’s recommendations; and
  • reviews current guidelines relevant to these efforts, including guidelines associated with policy 201-17 establishing the teaching professor ranks.


  • Beth Beason-Abmayr (co-chair; Biosciences, NTT)
  • Eden King (co-chair; Psychological Sciences, TT)
  • Dave Messmer (Program for Writing and Communication, NTT)
  • Scott Solomon (Biosciences, NTT)
  • Risa Myers (NTT, Computer Science)
  • Sandra Parsons (NTT, Psychological Sciences)
  • Karim Al-Zand (TT, Shepherd School)
  • Dan Cohan (TT, Engineering)
  • Carl Caldwell (TT, History)
  • Ray Simar (NTT, Electrical and Computer Engineering)
  • Glen Irvin (NTT, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering)
  • Hossam Elsherbiny (NTT,  Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication)
  • Cortlan Wickliff, non-voting liaison