Graduate Honor Council


In February 2016, the Faculty Senate established the Graduate Honor Council (GHC) to investigate cases of possible violation of the Honor Code by graduate students in coursework. The GHC began investigating graduate student cases in the fall 2016 semester. The GHC consists of at least seven faculty members (one for each academic school of Rice University); and at least seven graduate students (also one for each academic school). The Faculty Senate NEC nominates the faculty members and chair, who is also a faculty member. The Graduate Student Association (GSA) nominates the graduate student members. The Jones Student Association (JSA) approves of at least one graduate business school nominee. The University President makes all of the final appointments. The GHC follows the Procedures for Investigations posted on their website. The GHC makes a general report annually to the Faculty Senate on its activities.

2022-2023 Membership

Faculty Representatives

Ronald Goldman, co-chair Computer Science
Doug Schuler, co-chair Business
Shared Borle Business
Alan Crane Business
Utpal Dholakia Business
Jeremy Fiel Sociology
Ben Hu Computer Science
Dave Johnson Computer Science
Anastasios Kyrillidis Computer Science
Troy Schaum Architecture
Anshumali Shrivastava Computer Science
James Sidbury History
Brent Smith Business
Ivo-Jan van der Werff Music
Anastasiya Zavyalova Business

Graduate Student Representatives

Berk Alp Yakici School of Engineering
Zhiwei Zhang School of Engineering
Yue Wang School of Business
Prashanth Annavajjhala School of Business
Harsh Surana School of Business
Kelly Neubauer School of Natural Sciences
Josh Moore School of Natural Sciences
TBA School of Humanities
TBA School of Architecture
Xi Wang School of Business
Pauline Goodson School of Social Sciences
Yui Nishimura School of Social Sciences
Gladys Zubiria School of Social Sciences
TBA Shepherd School of Music

Updated September 3, 2022