Graduate Honor Council


In February 2016, the Faculty Senate established the Graduate Honor Council (GHC) to investigate cases of possible violation of the Honor Code by graduate students in coursework. The GHC began investigating graduate student cases in the fall 2016 semester. The GHC consists of seven faculty members (one for each academic school of Rice University); and seven graduate students (also one for each academic school). Each member has an equal vote. The Senate Speaker appoints the faculty members; and may appoint annually the chair (a faculty member) or leave selection of the chair to the GHC. The Graduate Student Association (GSA) appoints six of the graduate students; the Jones Student Association (JSA) appoints the seventh graduate student. The GHC adopts the spirit of the constitution, by-laws and procedures of the Honor Council except as modified by the GHC Policies and Procedures. The GHC investigates all allegations received and recommends penalties in instances in which students are found to be in violation of the Honor Code in coursework, and is empowered to conduct formal hearing panels to determine findings of in violation. The GHC makes a general report annually to the Faculty Senate on its activities.

2021-2022 Membership

Faculty Representatives

Duane Windsor, chair Jones Graduate School of Business
Troy Schuam School of Architecture
Peter Nordlander School of Natural Sciences
Isabelle Perrigne School of Social Sciences
Ivo Van der Werff Shepherd School of Music
Corky Cartwright School of Engineering
Vida Yao School of Humanities

Graduate Student Representatives

William Smith School of Engineering
Kelly Neubauer School of Natural Sciences
TBA School of Humanities
TBA School of Architecture
Delaney Berman Jones School
TBA School of Social Sciences
Lucie Ticho Shepherd School of Music
TBA Ombuds

Updated August 13, 2021